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Event Insurance

Planning and running an event can be an expensive and time consuming process and there are many factors which can affect the running of the event or happen during the event itself. Event insurance cover is an inexpensive protection policy to give you peace of mind that you are protected whatever may happen.

Event insurance cover gives you protection if the event has to be cancelled or if there is an accident which either injures a person at the event or causes damage to either the venue or items at the venue.

Event Cancellation Insurance

The risks associated with an organised event are covered only in part by conventional insurances. A cancellation of events policy reimburses the manager of an event for his costs, less any takings, if the failure of the event to take place as planned is attributable to circumstances that are beyond the influence of the policy holder.

Event cancellation provides cover for a number of perils including:

  • Interruption of the power, water supply etc
  • Breakdown of technical equipment
  • Labour disputes (strike)
  • Violent Demonstrations
  • Vandalism
  • Non appearance of important persons
  • Smog

Special Event Liability Insurance

With the huge rise in the number of no win no fee style lawyers and the ever increasingly litigious environment of the UK and the rest of the world means that for every person who slips or trips over at your event is a potential claimant. Every item of equipment or property coming on site carries the risk of being damaged and you may well be liable for any damages.

People are increasingly aware of their legal rights, and are more willing and more able to resort to legal action to obtain redress for injury, loss or damage caused by another party. It can be expensive to lose a legal action. Reforms to the legal system and a claimant-friendly legal environment mean that awards for personal injury continue to rise.

Everyone in business needs liability insurance - the events sector is no exception. Whether your event is a breakfast meeting or an international convention or festival, there are risks.