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Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage Options


This is a form of policy covering all occurrences that can be proven to lie beyond the control of the policyholder or of the persons entrusted by him with the organisation of an event and that are not associated with the non-appearance of participants or adverse weather conditions.

This broad form of cover provides the best possible insurance protection against the consequences of unforeseeable occurrences.

This type of policy is particularly useful for events that take place in buildings and do not depend, for their proper execution on appearance of specific persons (e.g. trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, seminars, conferences).


This is designed to cover persons whose appearance is essential if an event is to take place as planned. These may be musicians and singers, key note speakers, organisers etc.

The policy covers all circumstances resulting from the Non Appearance of one or more insured persons owing to illness, accident or death of the same.

Limits of Indemmity


Since the sum insured and the amount of any indemnification payable in the event of a loss depend, in most cancellation policies, on the budget provided, costs are an essential element of this type of insurance. These costs may not be counterbalanced by any takings or profits. The final success of an event is therefore not a precondition for cancellation of events insurance.


The sum insured can be adequately calculated and claims satisfactorily settled only if the costs incurred as well as the amount of any takings can be verified. The policyholder is therefore obliged to keep financial records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and to keep invoices and receipts showing the costs incurred and revenue earned from the insured event.