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Special Event Liability Insurance

With every event that is organised comes a legal responsibility to guests and visitors. No matter what precautions are taken an element of risk will always remain. The issue of liability can be expensive and complicated but with our event liability insurance you can be confident that you are properly protected against the financial and legal implications of an incident.

Liability Insurance Sections

Key features include

  • Public Liability cover from £1 million up to £5 million
  • Liability for damage to venues
  • Indemnity to venue owners or operators

Examples of cover

Event liability cover protects against the risks that occur when members of the public attend an event you that you have organised. There are a wide range of incidents for which you may be held legally liable such as:

  • A visitor to a garden show trips up on matting
  • The lighting rig at a concert collapses or parts of it fall into the audience causing injury
  • A spectator at a charity golf game is hit by a ball and suffers concussion
  • An incident involving delegates at a conference causes a fire and leads to the venue burning down
  • A visitor slips on a temporary stage and falls